Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Welcome to the 2v2 state of the game indepth review!

 Hello everyone, I would like to welcome you on this new blog about Starcraft 2 for all of you the competitive players and those who just enjoy playing 2v2 with your friends and want to improve. Now there are many places out there where you can get information about Starcraft 2, watch replays and shoutcasts and read on the latest tactics for 1v1 games. But I am not sure if any of you have difficulties discovering the new 2v2 trends and improving your gameplay. This blog will serve the exact purpose.

 With weekly updates we will follow the paths of AcidRain (myself) and Honoratus on their 2v2 ladder games and the ESL leagues, discuss on tactics and how to react on different combos, analyze the map pool and of course have famous 2v2 players being interviewed about the state of the game.

 Your feedback and your participation will be welcome. I hope everyone enjoys the articles and finds this blog both informating and entertaining to read. There is a lot of work to be done. Farewell till next update :)


For this week we are following our own team "It was 7pool" (previously known as Psi Stormed) through our ESL 2on2 Cup games. This is the game of round 1 against clan Infestation. The game is cast in Greek by Cowboy Starcraft. Be sure to visit his youtube channel and subscribe at Http://www.youtube.com/user/CowboyStarcraft/ and watch the daily reports.


This game was played in patch 1.1.1 where the Reaper and 5rax reaper builds were dominant in 2v2. Our opponents are trying to Proxy 9 reaper and 3gate Stargate us expecting us to go ling - bling - bio. Honoratus responds early enough once I scout the barracks missing and the early gas on Terran base. Now we are certain we are about to face a proxy reaper which is quite deadly if you opt for a later barracks or a 14 pool.
Now a lot of you will characterize this game as cheesy considering your 1v1 experiences. That can be partially true. I would characterize 2v2 more of all-inish rather than cheesy. Basic openers are known amongst the players and early options are limited due to the stupid map design (that by the way will be fixed by December according to Blizzard). Early expands are usually punished by an abuse of units and overteching usually gets you killed.
The interesting thing in it is that you get to play a really micro intensive game, adjust to low economy and sychronize with your ally. Nothing much to say about this game. It feels kinda one sided but mostly because protoss respond wasn't as sufficient as expected and reaperling gave us the pure map control. Enjoy.

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